How To Turn The Basement Into a Rental Space

Basements are mainly used as storage. If you have a little bit of space downstairs in your house that is unused and pretty spacious and you have no idea how to use it, you are very lucky. You may want to consider converting your basement into a rental unit instead of keeping old...

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Quick Tips for Basement Humidity Control in Calgary

A basement is always a welcome addition to your house. A well-built basement, not just adds a livable area to your home, but it also adds utility to your house. You can use the additional space to create a home office or make it a game or media room for your children or...

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5 Super Tips for Designing a Basement in Calgary

You always need extra space in the house! Whether it is for storage or family reunions, you can find good, usable space inside your house. There is no need to change homes and go through the hassle and bustle of moving when you are sitting on a wide, unused area. Yes, we are...

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