5 Amazing Ideas for Under Stairs Storage in Calgary

5 Amazing Ideas for Under Stairs Storage in Calgary

One never has enough storage space in a house! If the basement used to be your main hoarding place, then it is understandable why you keep postponing its redecoration. Now you need not postpone the basement redesigning plan, as there a solution for your storing problems. Space under the stairs can be used to store a great variety of items, from clothing to wine bottles. Here are our top picks for basement under stairs storage:

  1. Shelves

Shelves are multi-functional, as they can serve as support for your collection of books, or they can host your memories collected from all your vacations. Pictures, decorative items, scented candles, and papers, can all find their place in an under stairs shelve. When not all of the items that need storage can be displayed, purchase some colorful boxes that match the overall design of your basement and stack everything inside them. You will thus have a neat and organized storage area that does not require lots of effort to dust.

Under stair shelves present a multitude of advantages:

  • Easy to set up – if you want some basic shelves, this can be a perfect DIY project for the weekend. When done by professional basement contractors in Calgary, such a space can be done in one day, so that you can enjoy the newly created space almost instantly.
  • Affordable – regardless of the materials used for the shelves, the additional storage space will not skyrocket the overall Calgary basement remodeling costs.
  • Suitable for a variety of styles –the shelves work great in traditional basements as well as in spaces that is decorated in a minimalist style. If you do not know what would work best for your space, go for shelves. They will perfectly blend in with any furniture.
  1. Custom-made drawers

Drawers are the perfect escape when the majority of your items is more functional, rather than decorative. From towels to seasonings and from shoes to electronics, everything can be hidden inside one of those great looking drawers. They can be custom-made to resemble the furniture in the room for a unitary design. When starting your residential basement renovating Calgary, look for a carpenter or a furniture store that can make your drawers from scratch, based on your design, so that they perfectly fit your space. It will save you money and put the under stairs space to good function.

The only disadvantage of the versatile drawers is that they can only be made and put in place by professionals. Therefore, their cost is a little higher than the cost of the shelves, but if you ask us, it is totally worth it!

  1. Desk and working space

The under the stair space can perfectly accommodate a desk with necessary books/paper storage shelves. If your basement remodeling contractors in Calgary has left out the working area or you discovered you need that after the renovation is done, there is no need to worry. Simply place a desk under the stairs and mount a couple of shelves above the desk for added storage space and you have the perfect working area, for you or your little one. A side-lamp provides the necessary light when no natural light is available.

Of all the under stairs storage ideas, this is the simplest one and can be done by any DIY rookie. All you need to do is find best suits your space.

  1. Kitchen

The under stairs space can be used to create a small kitchen that serves the basement. There are multiple options for a basement kitchen design in Calgary, but why not use all the available space to make a fully-functional kitchen that is both great looking and extremely useful? You can either incorporate the electrical appliances under the stairs or fill the space with cabinets to store all the kitchen tools and special ingredients. We love the homey look of open shelves filled with seasonings, plates, baking trays, and teapots. Use your imagination to create unique designs that can change every month.

  1. Wine rack

Imagine a place where you can store/display all your bottles of wine! The space underneath the stairs is perfect for a wine rack that is both useful and highly decorative. There are multiple designs that can be used for an under stairs wine rack, from the basic shelves which accommodate more bottles to squares made to fit one bottle. Made in wood or metal, they will rapidly become the centerpiece in your basement, especially if your friends love wine as much as you do!

Wine racks should be done by professionals only, as a well-made rack requires a certain inclination of the bottle for perfect preservation. Also, it takes lots of skills and tools specific to professionals.

Materials for under stairs storage ideas

The most popular material for finishing a basement in Calgary is wood. The wood is practical, easy to work with and it has that nice finish that warms up the atmosphere and gives the room a cozy feel. Whether you want minimalist book shelves or a chic hallstand, wood offers you a great variety of shades and shapes.

If your renovated basement is more on the modern side, with metallic finishes and crisp lines, you can use drywall to create spaces that seem carved inside the wall or metal to design shelves and racks.

The under the stairs space can be integrated into the basement design with minimum investment. There are countless options to turn this rarely used space into a valuable addition to your basement. If you have run out of space while planning your basement and you still need a shoe cabinet or a place to put your fridge, just look under the stairs! The specialists from Basement and Beyond Inc. will help you turn the under stairs into a great storage space. Contact us for some cool basement ideas in Calgary and we will turn your basement into a fantastic place that you never want to leave.