5 Creative Ideas For Coffered Ceilings Basement Design

5 Creative Ideas For Coffered Ceilings Basement Design

Coffered ceilings offer a distinguished aspect to any basement and help you create an illusion of extra space. They combine great looks with functionality and can be installed into virtually any type of basement. Furthermore, they come in different colors, materials and designs, so that you can perfectly integrate them into the overall basement design. Here are selected five types of coffered ceilings that will add extra personality to your basement:

  1. Simple white coffered ceilings

Suitable for modern decorated basements, the simple white coffered ceilings are the best choice when looking for a contemporary and airy feel. This type of coffered basement ceiling features beams positioned closer to the ceiling, with plain, white panels that are only 2” deep. The beams are also plain, with no added molding, to create a minimalist look. Variations include white narrow beams and grey panels or, for a fun touch, colored panels contrasted by white beams.

Unlike precious wood coffered ceilings, the narrow-beam white coffered ceilings can be used in the entire home, including kitchen, living room and even in the bedroom. The less recessed beams and the simple panels offer a chic, yet not so pretentious look to your basement and are perfect for finishing a basement in Calgary, especially when you want to stick to a fresh, contemporary design. Furthermore, this type of ceiling is the least expensive option, so you can consider it even if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Precious wood coffered ceilings with detailed crown molding

Exposed cherry wood beams with intricate molding are extremely stylish. They add further elegance to your basement and work perfectly with antique furniture as well as with classic décor. This type of coffered ceiling is suitable for basements with high ceilings, as they give the impression of lower ceilings, increasing the intimacy in large rooms. Usually, the beams in wood coffered ceilings, large and the panels are at least 4” deep. In standard layouts the beams are positioned to form equal squares throughout the ceiling. Yet, different patterns are available upon request. You can choose to highlight certain areas of the basement or mark its center through a unique design or you can complement the “flowing” of the space by creating a pattern that highlights the rooms/furniture display.

The types of wood recommended for wood coffered ceilings are cherry and red oak. Yet, their price is rather prohibitive, so more affordable versions can be made in polar or maple. The actual price of such coffered ceilings vary with the size of your basement ceiling. Another factor which influences the price is the crown molding: the more intricate and detailed the beam molding is, the higher the total cost to finish a basement in Calgary will be.

  1. Wood and colored glass

One way to add character to your basement is to choose a ceiling with personality. The wood beams complemented by colored glass is one of those cool basement ideas in Calgary. It is impossible not to love the combination between the classic feel of the wood beams and the modern look of colored glass. You can choose the glass colors in accordance with the basement decor or you can opt for personalized painted glass for a unique look. In order to highlight the beauty of the colored glass, add a lighting source in between the insulation and the glass layer. This way the room is lighted dimly and the glass patterns from the ceiling are perfectly visible.

  1. Wood carved panels

Another type of coffered ceiling design which adds value to your basement is the combination between wood beams and wood carved panels. Even though the ceiling is the last to be considered when remodeling a basement, they can change the room’s aspect instantly. The carved or painted panels create a magic world that can only be achieved in a nicely redecorated basement.

Unique and so stylish, the carved or painted panels are also a great investment in your home. Even though they increase the total basement remodeling costs in Calgary, they also add value to the house, in case you are planning to sell it. Therefore, you will not only enjoy them for the period you will be living there, but you will also obtain a better price on the house when switching homes.

  1. Built-in lighting coffered ceilings for basements

While the massive wood beams with intricate details and hanging chandeliers work great for high ceiling basements, they do no favor to low basements with few windows and dim natural light. Instead of lowering the ceiling even more with such designs, go for a plain coffered ceiling with built-in lighting. Suitable for all types of basement rooms, the coffered ceiling with built-in lighting replaces the traditional light sources so that you create the illusion of high ceiling. You can also use smaller lighting fixtures on the ceiling and supplement the light with built-in lighting in areas where you need even more light, such as kitchen or reading area.

Installation of a coffered ceiling in the basement

The installation of a coffered ceiling in a basement differs from a design to another. The simple types of coffered ceilings are also the easiest to mount. If you plan to install it yourself, this is the only model which we recommend trying. Yet, this type of DIY projects should be taken over only by people who have done other types of renovation works. If you are a starter, it is advisable to let the basement contractors in Calgary do the job. The same goes for installing more complex coffered ceiling patterns or ceilings which have built-in lighting. The overall result will definitely worth the investment!

When starting your basement design in Calgary, make sure you take into consideration all details, including flooring and ceilings. Even though it may seem that these things can be decided later on, nothing adds more character to a basement than a well-chosen carpet or a stunning coffered ceiling. At Basement and Beyond Inc. we believe in the importance of all details. Therefore, we offer a varied selection of basement renovation services, including coffered ceiling installation. So, choose your favorite design and let us do the installation for the perfect result from the first time.