5 Super Tips for Designing a Basement in Calgary

5 Super Tips for Designing a Basement in Calgary

You always need extra space in the house! Whether it is for storage or family reunions, you can find good, usable space inside your house. There is no need to change homes and go through the hassle and bustle of moving when you are sitting on a wide, unused area. Yes, we are now talking about that dark, damp and cluttered basement. With a little help from Basements & Beyond your professional basement contractors in Calgary, you can easily turn it into a bright living room, a cozy bedroom or an organized storage space for winter clothing or preserve jars, or if you have the necessary space, all the above. Or, if you have all the above, you can make room for that hi-tech entertainment unit that you so much wish for, but have not had the space to install. It may be hard to imagine it possible, but at Basement and Beyond we know how to design a basement in Calgary that is fully functional and extremely great looking.

The first thing that needs to be done when starting in the basement remodeling process is planning the layout of the basement. Usually, this is discussed and established with the contractors beforehand. If you want to start ahead and think everything thoroughly, here are some remodeling tips to help with the planning of your basement built-in entertainment unit.

  1. Forget existing divisions

Unless there are supporting posts in your path (which cannot be removed or altered in any way without and engineer and more extensive renovation), you can remodel the basement in any manner you like. You can create walls for a new kitchen, add a bedroom with an on-suite bathroom or leave the entire plan open for an airy feel. There are few limits when it comes to what you can do in a basement, so let your imagination run wild with the layout. As long as you have natural light for living areas, good ventilation throughout the area and enough height to make it livable space, there should be no problem with the paperwork or with the remodeling itself. If the main focus of the basement will be the entertainment unit, then place it in the most convenient area and plan around it. A bar with drinks and snacks will go well next to the living space!

  1. Place bedrooms on exterior side and make room for the entertainment area in the middle

Since we were talking about laws and paperwork, it is advisable to take these issues into consideration when planning the layout of your basement. Therefore, if you plan to have a bedroom, make sure that at least one of their walls is an exterior wall. This way you can install an egress window to ensure proper ventilation and good natural light. Professional basement renovation contractors in Calgary know exactly the size and type of egress window you need for your space, so ask them for advice before making up your mind on a certain model. Another reason for which you want to place bedrooms on the exterior side is the fact that theaters work perfectly in darker areas.

If you are planning on watching movies or TV shows in the basement, it is ideal to place the entertainment unit in a place where the natural light rarely gets through or on the north side of the house, where the light is too dim to affect the TV screen. It is a good way to use a space that may otherwise be neglected.

  1. Make space for kitchen and bathroom

A bathroom is necessary when planning to relocate your entertainment unit in the basement. Let’s face it, nobody wants to get up the stairs to go to the bathroom when their favorite team is playing or when the movie reached its peak in intensity! If you find room for a kitchen to serve snacks, it’s even better! You must know that the bathroom and kitchen need special attention. They require special plumbing for the sinks, bathtub/shower, toilet, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for specialized help when deciding to create such areas. Usually, they should be placed underneath the existing rooms or in areas where the plumbing is easily accessible. Our basement renovation consultants in Calgary can give you insight into where such spaces would be possible and where they would be easier to fit so that the remodeling process goes nice and smooth.

  1. Under the stair storage space to make space for your entertainment unit

The basement is renowned for its storing capacities. If you still wonder where all your boxes will go after the entertainment unit installation, here is one option to have in mind: under the stairs. Space under the stairs can be used to create decent-sized storage cabinets for all types of items, from cleaning supplies to clothes and seasonal decorations. At Basement and Beyond, we like to use every inch of the basement in a creative, yet functional way and build structures from scratch so that you can benefit from tailored solutions. We present you all the basement renovation possibilities in Calgary so that you can choose the designs which best suit your needs.

  1. The bar creates a true entertaining space

No entertaining space is complete without a bar where you can have a drink, chill your beer or create wonderful cocktails. You can place it under the stairs or create a dividing wall using wine shelves on one side and a bar table with high chairs on the other side. We can offer you great basement bar designs in Calgary so that you can create a perfect place for you and your family/friends.

Remodeling the basement offers plenty of space for a cozy and comfortable built-in entertainment unit, but it all starts with a smart plan. The professionals at Basement and Beyond offer you cool basement ideas in Calgary, so that you can fully enjoy the new entertainment space. From layout to reality, we are qualified to perform all the steps necessary to transform the basement into a stylish living area. We take care of insulation, mold-proofing, waterproofing, sound proofing, paperwork, space division and plumbing and solve any type of problems which arise during the renovation process. Just tell us what you would like your basement built-in entertainment unit and space to look like and we will turn your dreams into reality in the shortest time possible.