6 Budget Friendly Ideas for Building Basement Bars in Calgary

6 Budget Friendly Ideas for Building Basement Bars in Calgary

A bar is always a great addition to the house, and if it comes with a large TV near, it is even better! The basement is the ideal place to build your bar for multiple reasons: first it is a space that is rarely used or taken into consideration when purchasing a house and secondly, it is separated from the rest of the house, so you can be as loud as you want without disturbing the rest of the family or the neighbors. Regardless, if you want a man cave or a place to spend time with the family, here are some cool basement ideas for Calgary homes. Here are tips and tricks for a basement bar on a budget:

  1. Walls with built-in shelves for bottles

Bar cabinets can be costly, especially when you want something unique and good looking. So, instead of rushing to the first furniture store and order those expensive cabinets, talk to one or more basement remodeling contractors in Calgary and ask them for drywalls with built-in shelves or boxes for bottles. Place a light in each box or on each shelf and you have a modern design for your basement door and cheap storage for your beverage bottles. You can also opt for wood shelves installed directly on the walls for a minimalist design. Change the polished wood shelf with a recycled wood plank with character and lots of history and create a vintage atmosphere.

  1. Lighting changes the atmosphere at a low price

In a bar, it is all about atmosphere and a well-positioned lamp that can create that cozy feeling. Colored neon lighting creates a modern look while yellow lamps add a warm touch to your basement bar. Play with different types of lamps, lighting colors, and intensity and see which option best defines your bar. You will see how good lighting can do so much for the overall aspect of your bar. Plus, you can find great lamps in specialized stores and vintage stores so that you won’t have a high cost to finish a basement in Calgary.

  1. Photos and mirrors for decoration

Personalize your bar with photos of your preferences. You can download photos from the internet and print them in the size you want, then frame them that matches your theme and hang them on the wall. Black and white photos of your family are also a great idea, especially if the bar will be used for family gatherings. Mirrors with matching frames adds chic details to a bar and add the sense of space in a small bar. Use multiple mirrors to create different layers and emphasize textures.

  1. Apparent brick and old wood for a rustic look

Rustic basements can be turned into spectacular bars with apparent brick or stone décor and recycled wood. Ask your basement contractors in Calgary to apply apparent brick or stone décor on the walls and in the bar for a uniform look. Then search for an antique wood countertop for the bar in a recycled wood shop. Sand the wood and treat it for a long-lasting life and you have the perfect setting for your vintage basement bar.

  1. Mix and match selection of bar chairs

You see everywhere, bars with three, four or even five identical bar chairs lined up, ready to take guests. Yes, it is fun to gather all your friends around the bar, but purchasing a new set of bar chairs can be quite expensive. So, many people choose to limit their purchase to one or two chairs, which gives the bar a desolate look and makes it impossible for everyone to find a place at the bar. But what if you chose to mix and match the chairs? There are multiple bar chairs in the antique furniture stores waiting to be taken home. Choose a style (vintage, retro, shabby,chic, etc.) and find chairs and stools which match your theme. The bar will look so good with the mixed chairs that all your friends will think you had a decorator to do the job for you. Furthermore, it will be fun to let them pick their favorite chair when spending the nights in your stylish basement bar. For more modern alternatives, you can look at stores which sell used furniture for bars. With such bargains, you will substantially decrease the basement remodeling costs in Calgary. You can even check for the deals at online furniture stores to save further.

  1. Second-hand refrigerator with clear door

If your basement bar serves mainly beer for your sports-fanatics friends, then you may not have a lot of bottles to display. But let’s face it, a bar where you can’t see the drinks is not very inviting! To make your basement bar more attractive, you can purchase a refrigerator with a clear door and fill it with beer. Now, that’s one image every man wants to see! To make-it budget friendly, we recommend searching for a second-hand refrigerator, which was originally used in a professional bar. They are great looking and with a little polishing you will have a stunning decorative item with an even greater functionality. Retro fridges score even higher in point of design, so do not neglect old style fridges just because they are, well, old!

You do not need to break the bank to have a chic and comfortable basement bar! Use the tips listed above and ask the contractors for complementary basement renovation possibilities in Calgary. The professionals at Basement and Beyond Inc. will be more than happy to assist you with your project. We will properly insulate the basement, create stylish ceilings that complement the room, build walls where necessary, check the piping and the electric cables and help you whatever other things which need to be done so that your basement becomes the bar you have dreamed of. You can also come and check out other finished basement designs in Calgary for inspiration!