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Tips on Paying Your Contractor

When it comes to coughing up payment to your basement contractor, things can go sour quickly. Is the contractor going to take your money and run? Are you stiffing an honest contractor out of hard-earned money? Too often, the problem lies with the contract and a vague description of payment terms and conditions.We believe that...
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Do I need an egress window?

The answer is maybe..... All finished basements with bedrooms must have means of egress, a way to get out of the basement other than using the stairs. An important note: whether you have a walkout basement or not, if you are going to call one of your new rooms a "bedroom" you must have an...
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Properly Insure Your Home Improvements

If you'¬ôre like me, you sat down with your agent to discuss your coverage and how it works, only to forget the moment you walked out of his office. Well, now is the time to revisit the discussion. Call your insurance agent to verify proper insurance coverage, before you starting any home improvement project.
Here are...
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Bathroom Remodeling

Your wishlist and home remodeling dreams don't have to stop at your kitchen doorway. At Basements & Beyond Renovations Inc.we can adapt all your ideas into a functional, beautiful and elegant bathroom. We provide you with a wide selection of product choices so you are able to create the...
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