Custom Built-in’s & Millwork

Custom Built-in’s & Millwork

One of the best ways to freshen up the look of your home is to install custom woodworking inside of it. Basements & Beyond Inc. specializes in custom interior woodwork in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas. We have skilled craftsmen on our team who know how to design and build wooden pieces that will be both durable and beautiful. We can give you the custom built-in or wooden coffered ceiling that you’ve always dreamed about, at an affordable price.

Adding wood to your home is a great idea, but it’s something that can be difficult for those who don’t know how to do it properly. Our carpentry experience spans 3 decades and we have completed woodworking projects to many homes. We use this experience every time we start a new job and find unique, creative ways to incorporate custom woodworking into homes. Find out how adding wood can increase the value and create a one of a kind look for your home.

Now is the right time to install new woodworking to your home! We know that you may not know exactly where to start, so we can come to you in your home and discuss what you have in mind and prepare a free estimate for our services. If our estimate fits your budget, our in house craftsmen will then proceed to enhance your home with beautiful woodwork that will reflect the look that you had envisioned.

We promise that you will love it when we are done.

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