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Go Carpet

It is a common misconception that carpet is a leading cause of allergies.  However, it is quite the opposite.  Before you make the mistake of ripping out your carpet and switching to a solid flooring option in the hopes that allergy problems will decrease, familiarize yourself with the facts.

Solid flooring surfaces are misperceived as being cleaner and as helpful in reducing allergens.  But, this is not at all the case.  In fact, with a floor, there is nothing to hold the allergens in place.  They are always airborne and are constantly being moved around.  For these reasons, solid floor actually increases the risk of allergies.  Also, moving to solid surface flooring requires a lot more cleaning in order to get rid of allergens.

Therefore, carpet is the better option.  Carpet is better for allergies, as long as it is cleaned properly.  It is efficient for keeping any allergens from becoming airborne by locking them down.  Keep in mind the type of carpet you get should be easy to clean.  Be sure to do your research before choosing a carpet.  Try to buy either synthetic or polyester.  An added bonus of choosing carpet for your basement is that it performs better in Calgary homes, due to shifting issues.

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